Swim Lessons


March 6th to March 29th, 2018
April 3rd to April 26th, 2018
May 1st to May 24th , 2018
June 5th to June 28th, 2018
July 5th to July 31st, 2018
August 7th to August 23rd, 2018


untitled3Swim Lesson Registration Form (English) (Hispanic)

Tuesday and Thursday Twice A Week:

30 Minute or 1 Hour Classes

Afternoons 3:00 to 4:30p.m. OR

Evenings 5:30 to 7:30p.m.

$44 thirty minute classes
$74 one hour classes

Private and Semi Private

Private classes are offered for all Levels from fearful non-swimmers to those who wish to learn the four competitive strokes.

These classes are designed for those students who need a little one-on-one

Price: $25.00 / 30 Minutes  $37 / 45 Minutes                                                                                                                                                  untitled4

4 Months – 3 Years

Tues & Thurs @  6:00pm

TOT AND ME: Tot and parent in the water together, instructor teaches water adaption and beginning swim skills assisted by use of songs and activities. Teachers will emphasize playfulness as well as developing a healthy respect for the water. (30 Min.)

2 1/2 – 5 Years

SEAHORSE – Level 1:
Introduces basic aquatic skills.  They will learn to enter and exit the water, blow bubbles, submerge mouth, nose and eyes, front and back floats, roll overs, beginning swimming on back and front, water safety.  We do start this level off with a back-pack (flotation device) for safety and eventually students are weaned off before Level 2.

GOLDFISH – Level 2:

Further develop basic aquatic skills:  These skills are performed without a backpack, unlike the Seahorse level.  Bobbing, front and back glides are added to this level and further distances and lengths of time are performed with assistance, although independence is greater in this level.

TROUT – Level 3:
The objective of this level is to increase children’s proficiency in performing previously learned skills:  Skills are performed independently.  Children improve their coordination and control of combined leg and arm movements in their front and back crawl.  They learn additional water safety including treading water.  Some diving is introduced.


Age 6 and up

PERCH – Level 1:
Introduces basic aquatic skills and water safety.  Participants learn breath control and submerging, front and back floats, glides and learn how to recover to a standing position.  They learn to swim on their front and back with assistance.

SALMON – Level 2:
This level marks the beginning of true locomotion skills:  Participants practice the skills they learned in Perch.  They further develop their skills on both front and back strokes.  Sit and kneeling dives are introduced as well as treading water and rotary breathing.  Skills will use longer times and more distance and is practiced with less assistance.

STEELHEAD – Level 3:
Participants in this level expand proficiency of previously learned skills.  Additional swim strokes are added such as, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, and underwater swim stroke.  Dolphin kick is introduced at this level as well as additional safety skills.  Skills will use longer distances and time at this level.

BARRACUDA – Level 4:
Participants improve their aquatic skills and increase their endurance:  They will learn standing dives and surface dives.  Treading water and floats are demonstrated with longer times.  They will learn Butterfly stroke at this level.  All strokes will be increased in distance and open turns will be introduced.

DOLPHIN – Level 5:
This level participants refine their performance of all six strokes and increase the distance that they swim. They also learn to perform flip turns on the front and back.

ORCA – Level 6:

The objective of this level is to refine strokes so participants swim them with greater efficiency and effectiveness over longer distances.  At this level participants will swim 500 yards continuously.  Participants can then remain in this class for fitness or if they are interested in competitive swimming they may move to the Pre-Competitive class.

PIRAHNA – Pre-Comp Class:

This class is for those swimmers that are interested in being on a competitive swim team.  Participants will refine the 4 competitive swim strokes and work on endurance.  This class is a continuous class.  It will also work on skills necessary for competitive swimming.


Preregistration of classes is recommended as enrollment is limited due to class sizes.


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