Joy Reich: Volunteer Executive DirectorI was involved in reopening the pool in 1999 and have seen many changes in our pool over the last 13 years. I am a retired Eagle Point Elementary teacher. My hobbies are flower gardening, reading, and working crossword puzzles. Frank & I have been married 58 years and have lived in White City since March 1958. The pool was built in 1963 during the formation of Cascade Village.
Board Members
Bonnie Wilber
President bonnie
Barbara Hansen
Vice President
Cindy Sweet Secretary Walter Wattenburger Treasurer Dave Bascum Director dave
Linda Tennison
Rich Wilford Director Jerry MacLeod
Adelle Williams
Brent Wheelwright: Maintenance & Certified Pool Operator

My name is Brent. I’ve been doing maintenance here almost 5 years. You may hve seen me doing yard work or cleaning up around the skate park and Burns Park.  I also clean the pool building after everyone has gone home.  I’m almost always in a good mood and like to talk with the people in the park as I’m  cleaning. A lot of people know me by name. I try to be  a positive influence on the young people. The staff and swimmers at Cascade Pool are like family. I love working here.

shari Shari Sabin:  Life Guard and fitness instructor I have worked here since October 2012. I am a lifeguard , a part-time fitness instructor, and a Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Certified Swim Lesson Instructor and I work in the office. I enjoy working at the pool, it’s the best job I’ve ever had!
Debbie BookerOffice Staff
Carol Jacobs: Fitness Instructor
 I have been teaching Aqua Fitness and Aqua Therapy at CCP for 18 years. I thoroughly enjoy the people who come here and enjoy with me our wonderful, warm deep water pool!


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