The Roof Story

The Roof Story

When we took over the pool a new roof was needed and we just made do. It became a yearly maintenance for someone to go up and caulk around any screws. When the insulation would bulge we would make a small hole to relieve the pressure of the water building up.This year it became our goal to get the roof fixed. These are the generous friends of Cascade Community Pool who made that possible. We wish to thank everyone for their part in helping to meet the goal.

March 2014 Lap A Thon Raised $7,000

The Ben B. Cheney Foundation $5,000

White City Community Improvement Association $5,000

Cascade Community Pool Members $40,560                                                

Mr. Cliff Partridge  

Mrs. Roberta Hasui 

Ms.Suzi Collins  

Mrs. Rhena Baker-Carlson  

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Meir    

Miss Juliana Kelsall            

 Mr. & Mrs. Harley Hyatt  

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kluk  

Mrs. Kathy Baughman          

Mrs. Evelyn Bell    

Mrs. Sharon Close  

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hansen                          

Mrs. Alice Orcutt  

Mr. Bill Thompson  

Mrs. Jeanette Bakke          

Mr. Rodney Paulsen  

Mrs. Shirley Oswald  

Mrs. Connie Smith                        

Mrs. Kathy Straughan  

Mrs. Constance Travesi  

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Wedberg  

Mrs. Kitt Florell

 Mr. Steve Straughan  

Mrs. Elva Smith

 Mrs. Joy Reich

Jerry Morrison, of Southern Oregon Steel replaced the roof during July. They worked at night after we closed to installl the vapor barrier cloth inside the building. Cindy and Mike McDonald offered to donate the purlins but were not necessary.

Our members and board keep our pool running so we can

provide a deep warm-water pool for our community families.