Welcome To Cascade Community Pool

Our Mission is to provide the opportunity to enjoy the year-round benefits from a deep,warm-water indoor pool through recreational activities and classes which enhance the health and safety of our community families.
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7800 Division Road
White City, Oregon 97503

Cascade Community Pool buildingThe Cascade Community Pool was built in 1963 as a neighborhood outdoor pool. After a few years the residents realized they could not afford to staff and maintain the pool; it was returned to the White City Realty originally responsible for its construction. It was then given to the Eagle Point School District who added a building over the pool.

The school gave the pool to the YMCA with a contract that stipulated that if they ever closed the pool it would revert to the school district. The building over the pool was replaced and a dehumidifier was added to preserve the interior of the building. The YMCA closed the pool in August of 1998 when they were having difficulty maintaining their facility as well as the White City pool and it reverted back to the Eagle Point School District at a time when the District did not have the funds to maintain it.

The users of the pool formed a nonprofit and filed for 501(c)3 status. This was granted and the Cascade Community Pool became a legal nonprofit with a Board of Directors. The Eagle Point School District covers the pool with liability insurance and in return the Board of Directors of the Cascade Community Pool are responsible for the upkeep of the property and the pool business.

Cascade Community Pool Corporation took possession of the pool on December 1, 1998 and opened on January 4, 1999 and have been operating the pool for the past 16 years. Our organization has been responsible for the pool longer than any other group.

Children who first took swim lessons at the pool have now completed college and have families of their own. We began giving free swim lessons to all the third graders of the Eagle Point District as well as the cost of transportation to and from the pool. We continue to offer this program with the support of White City Community Improvement Association and donors.

From 2003 to 2009 we sponsored Bingo which enabled us to make improvements on the pool until the recession forced us to discontinue our bingo sessions. We added an executive office, replaced the dehumidifier, put in a salt system (which had to be removed a few years ago due to the expense of replacing the electric cell) and paved the parking lot.

In September, 2011, we replaced all the underground pipes surrounding the pool due to serious leaking problems. The underwater lights were replaced, the black lines in the pool and the lower walls in the pool building were repainted.

Visit our pool and enjoy our warm water and family-friendly atmosphere. We offer fitness classes, swim lessons, lap times, party rentals and open swims to the public and members. Membership entitles frequent users to use the pool more economically. We have continued to charge the same amount for open swim as when we opened so that our local residents can afford to use the pool.